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What's an Employment Agreement & why do I need to sign one?

An Employment Agreement is what establishes a client-broker relationship. Why is this important to you?


Because the moment you sign an employment agreement, the broker becomes statutorily obligated to perform fiduciary duties, (Confidentiality, Accounting, Reasonable Skill & Care, Loyalty, Obedience, & Disclosure), on your behalf in order to protect and promote your best interests.


Remember, Quality, Honesty, & Integrity... We'll take excellent care of your best interests.



In a nutshell, what does the buying process look like?

1. Establish an Employment Agreement with the broker you trust (Righteous Realty... perhaps?).


2. Establish your purchasing power (get pre-approved from a lender, convert assets to cash, establish an investor).


3. Broker will search for property that meets your needs.


4. Offer & Acceptance with broker facilitation. Due Dilligence & Feasability Studies.


5. Sign docs at escrow company, wait for recordation & voilà!

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