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Why should I allow Righteous Realty to list my property?

Three words... Quality, Honest, & Integrity. We are in the business of providing oustanding customer service and expertise in the field of Real Estate.


We start by providing you with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis to give you insight into the fair market value of your home.


Next, we will market your property on every major real estate website including Zillow, Trulia,, and Tucson's MLS just to name a few!


We will keep you up to date on the status of every visit, inspection, appraisal, and any questions you may have from the date we list until the date we close. For a full listing presentation in person, over Skype, or on the phone, feel free to give us a call. We promise Quality, Honesty, & Integrity, and we truly cannot wait to demonstrate it!


How much will it cost me & can I cancel if I am not satisfied?

First off...ABSOLUTELY, you can cancel our listing agreement at anytime, for any reason, no questions asked. If you aren't satisfied with our performance then we don't deserve your business.


Please be aware that there is no "industry standard" for what a broker can charge. There are company policies, but as soon as you hear the words "industry standard" or "accross the board," run fast! They are breaking the law!


We charge 6% of the purchase price ONLY IF YOUR PROPERTY SELLS! We then keep 3% and pay the other 3% to the broker who brought a willing and able buyer to purchase your property.


We promise to work diligently for you in order to ensure that we earn our commission!

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